Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.7.8 (Released: 2011-01-04)

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  • FTPSETERROR now sets %lasterrormsg

Bug Fixes

  • RoboFTPAutomation returns error 103 on RoboStartSession
  • Cut and paste fails with tab character in clipboard
  • Removed extraneous calls to CWD since some servers don't allow it
  • From FTP Applet choosing settings->site settings now opens configurator to manage sites area
  • Two users couldn't run the configurator simultaneously
  • DASHBOARDMSG not updating service line in dashboard if line was longer than 50 characters
  • License removal reported unexpected response from license server
  • Help file always on top of Robo-FTP
  • Behavior of "?" button in Robo-EDIT different than in Robo-FTP
  • Dashboard crashes when scrolled off screen
  • BREAK did not allow input in console window
  • Fixed custom hour selection problem in CronMaker
  • Wrong value in CronMaker's "Next Occurence" column
  • Wrong schedule type displayed on CronMaker hour intervals
  • Second digit dropped on CronMaker hour intervals
  • %lasterrormsg could get out of sync with %lasterr
  • failure to open configured script and tracelog messages now show red on startup
  • FTPSETERROR response text printed in wrong color
  • SET command shouldn't be able to unassign an internal variable