Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.7.7 (Released: 2010-11-29)

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  • Dashboard service setup form sets input control focus when field validation fails

Bug Fixes

  • FTPTOJES command would cause file transfers to hang
  • Handle leak in RoboStartSession COM interface method
  • Licensing dialogs not all supressed when running as service or through COM
  • Console input was limited to 260 characters per line
  • Dashboard service configuration did not match that of service installer
  • Problem parsing directory listings from GXS Discover
  • Using Start All from Dashboard could start some services configured to run as users as local system
  • Error 1094 returned from RoboSendCommand when command is longer than 260 characters
  • %ftplastresult is empty so FTPSETERROR doesn't work
  • file specified by %ftpresultsfile is empty
  • GETSITEFILE fails to find file with ; in filename
  • Dashboard NATO field validation problems
  • Unhandled exception in Dashboard grid cell doubleclick event handler function