Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.7.6 (Released: 2010-10-26)

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  • Added /disable= to prevent sending a specific ftp command. See FTPLOGON in help file
  • Added support for Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)

Bug Fixes

  • PGPENCRYPT was not compressing during encryption (introduced in 3.7.4)
  • If initial working directory could not be read FTPCWD would fail
  • Some SSH2 private keys crashed Robo-FTP when loaded during the FTPLOGON command
  • dirlist.txt not available to command immediately following LISTDIR
  • GETFILE /incldirs not populating %nextdir, %nextfolder with directory for returned file
  • GETFILE /incldirs not finding files in subdirectories when no wildcards in filename
  • Server response handling buffer overflow vulnerability:
  • FTP Applet: Commands -> "List Server File Information" displays wrong file
  • LOG and TRACELOG default command line options were broken.
  • Configurator crash creating a certificate on systems that never had 3.6 installed
  • Prevent running multiple instances of dashboard to prevent NATO timer conflicts
  • Path to installation folder no longer hard-coded in COM code sample projects
  • Configurator manage private keys shows incorrect thumbprint
  • Clarified message box text displayed when exporting a settings file
  • File date/time parsing issue fixed for Yahoo Hosting FTP server
  • Directory listing formats that returned status lines could not be parsed (introduced in 3.7.5)
  • FTPGETFILE with /listtype=2 could not descend into subdirectories