Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.7.5 (Released: 2010-10-05)

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  • /timeout= option added to the DOSCMD and EXEC commands, at timeout called process is killed and command returns

Bug Fixes

  • IMPORT inserts installation directory into every configuration string
  • Support for wildcards and GETSITEFILE with HTTP and HTTPS
  • Improved error message when Robo-FTP can't run the Configurator
  • Successful file delete was misreported as a failure on non standards compliant server
  • Export settings change from small checkbox to yes/no dialog for exporting passwords
  • FTPGETFILE or GETSITEFILE could fail to return a file the first time they were called when connecting to some servers
  • Original non-default installation directory was not automatically retained on upgrade
  • Inconsistently visible Run Script checkbox removed from run script dialog
  • SYNC did not deleted orphaned folders, it would leave them present but empty
  • = sign in comment after a command on the same line would make the command return invalid argument
  • EXEC and DOSCMD commands' small resource leak fixed
  • Functions could incorrectly report $ERROR_FUNCTIONS_NOT_RECURSIVE
  • Possible buffer overflow in PERFORM with commands that were greater than 256 chars in length
  • Fixed problem in COM interface where Ex events give incorrect session name
  • Malicious server directory traversal vulnerability.
  • Directory parser could mistake filename for year when filename begins with 4 numerals