Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.7.4 (Released: 2010-08-30)

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  • Default working directory selection now uses my documents folder if you can't write to the installation folder
  • Added new internal variables %installdir and %installver

Bug Fixes

  • PGP Support for large files fixed
  • PGP encryption / decryption cancellation no longer results in robo-ftp using 100% of a cpu until restarted
  • ScriptIntro.s didn't work on UAC systems
  • Fixed problem with HTTP connection introduced in 3.7.3
  • The configurator could silently fail to save ssh private keys
  • SSL client certificates specified on a per site basis were not working
  • serial number could show as *EVAL* on activated software
  • Script Wizard could crash if run first on a fresh install
  • %currentlocaldir is now set at startup