Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.7.3 (Released: 2010-08-12)

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  • DIFF and FTPDIFF commands now create empty database and regard all files as new if there is no pre-existing snapshot database
  • FTPS Servers that do not support encryption now automatically fall back to using an unencrypted data channel
  • HTTP authorization type can now be specified on the FTPLOGON command line with the /auth=[basic|ntlm|digest] option
  • Improved DELETE and FTPDELETE performance when using wildcards
  • Import settings now allows importing settings from either current user or all user when running as an administrator
  • DELETE, FTPDELETE, and FTPDELDIR now report the names of the files they delete when using wildcards

Bug Fixes

  • Robo-FTP no longer has any components shared with older versions or Robo-FTP Server
  • TRACELOG output could hang
  • Some servers with non-standard PASV responses did not work
  • Default site checkbox on FTP Applet logon dialog not checked when default site was selected
  • Renaming relative paths in SSH did not work correctly.
  • The Configurator's create Start Menu shortcut functionality was broken
  • Possible buffer overrun in variable handling
  • Resource leak removed. Robo-FTP no longer begins to misbehave after running for long periods of time
  • FTPDELETE no longer corrupts variables returned by the GETSITEFILE command
  • DELETE no longer corrupts variables returned by the GETNEXTFILE command
  • Possible buffer overrun if remote server's welcome message was to long
  • Active mode FTP could hang before issuing the PORT command causing the connection to time out
  • Possible hang in FTPLOGON command removed
  • FTPDELETE could fail to delete files that matched its wildcard specification
  • CHAIN could crash Robo-FTP if called to many times