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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.7.2 (Released: 2010-03-30)

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  • Performance Improved by as much as %400 depending on usage
  • @ and ! command echo suppression prefixes now work for Service Monitor and Dashboard. Use LOG /all to disable.
  • Default location for log files in Configurator is now in user profile for non-admin users.

Bug Fixes

  • Configurator could crash when importing settings if Robo-FTP 3.7 was incorrectly installed
  • IMPORT command could get the Managed Site name wrong for the last site when importing a settings file from a prior version.
  • CronMaker could silently fail to save crontab.txt
  • Dashboard could not be stopped while not receiving input from attached Robo-FTP services.
  • Dashboard's "View" trace window for service output did not show last line once it had scrolled to the bottom.
  • Switching log files could cause Robo-FTP to hang.
  • DATETIMEADD and DATETIMESUB would add an hour for dates that fall within daylight savings time.
  • GETNEXTILE and GETSITEFILE did not stop when the Stop button was clicked.
  • FTP Applet logon could hang if the mouse was not moved
  • FTP Applet would time out connecting in 1.1 seconds.
  • Timeout for all file transfers was 60 seconds not matter what was specified.
  • SFTP resume was not working.
  • Attempting to sign a PGP file without a private key no longer causes an "Operating System Exception Caught" message.
  • Functionality of IFSTRCMP and IFSTRCMPI is no longer reversed

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