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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.7.0 (Released: 2010-01-04)

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  • Robo-FTP.exe is now signed code allowing it to be run through the Windows Task Scheduler with UAC enabled.
  • File modification timestamps now support seconds.
  • Compatibility with a broader range of FTP servers, including non-standard servers.
  • Full ODBC support for direct access to SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, etc.
  • Set remote file modification time in SSH connections.
  • Support for setting remote file modification time on a broader range of FTP servers using MFMT, SITE UTIME, and MDTM.
  • Automatically works around issues with remote servers that do not correctly maintain the time zone adjustment on file modification time.
  • Added the %sitepath variable to the GETSITEFILE and FTPGETFILE commands.
  • FTPGETFILE and GETFILE now return information about directories.
  • System-wide (all-user) and individual (current-user) settings automatically combined (No more hidden configuration).
  • Added admin mode to the Configurator allowing you to administer the system wide configuration.
  • Support for multiple SSL client certificates.
  • Support for multiple SSH private keys for authentication.
  • Numerous performance enhancements (only retrieves directory listings when necessary).
  • Dashboard now supports restart on specified no activity timeout.
  • Dashboard now supports detailed service output (like service monitor).
  • Improved error handling with COM/OLE interface (now throws verbose exceptions saying exactly what went wrong).
  • Improved error reporting throughout.
  • Side by Side installation with prior versions of Robo-FTP.
  • Improved HTTP POST support. Added the PREPAREPOST and POSTVALUE commands (example:
  • Support for HTTP transactional servers (/nolist option with FTPLOGON).
  • Support for wildcards and GETSITEFILE with HTTP and HTTPS.
  • SENDMAIL now supports SSL connections with the /ssl option.
  • PGP now supports files larger than 4 GB.
  • RCVFILE, FTPGETFILE, and GETSITEFFILE now support case insensitive wildcard matching through the /ignorecase option.
  • Support for creating certificate signing requests
  • Configurator can be told to target current user or system wide settings with the -tu and -ts options.
  • ODBC supports /user and /pw options

Bug Fixes

  • Dashboard supports unlimited instances (previous limit was 59).
  • Dashboard and Service Monitor can now view the same service.
  • GETNEXTFILE, GETFILE, GETSITEFILE and FTPGETFILE always reset variables in the event of any error other than $ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENTS .
  • GETNEXTFILE, GETFILE, GETSITEFILE and FTPGETFILE upon finding a file always sets the %filesize variable.
  • GETNEXTFILE, GETFILE, GETSITEFILE and FTPGETFILE correctly return newest or oldest file if requested.
  • Date arithmetic no longer raises "out of range" errors for dates after Jan 1, 2010.

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