Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.6.13 (Released: 2009-05-01)

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  • added SENDMAIL /ssl flag to request ssl encryption.
  • added /nolist option to the FTPLOGON command to disable all directory listings.

Bug Fixes

  • fixed crash when connection timed out.
  • RCVFILE no longer leaves zero byte files lying around on error.
  • RCVFILE failed over HTTP when 401 Unauthorized was initially returned.
  • PGPDECRYPT file was not accepting the /signature={ignore|optional|required} option.
  • FTPLOGON (HTTP) would crash if you set the proxy type to one that was not supported by HTTP.
  • Configurator no longer allows the use of FTP only proxy types on HTTP sites.
  • The default proxy type when connecting over HTTP is now Windows IE.
  • Configurator could crash loading registry proxy settings for a site.
  • EXEC command no longer changes all its /passargs arguments to lower case.
  • Can now decrypt PGP files with path information stored in them.
  • SENDFILE with wildcards now works when connected to HTTP site.
  • HTTP stack could misinterpret the Content-Encoding response header.