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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.6.11 (Released: 2009-02-19)

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  • multiline responses are now written to the trace log in their entirity
  • PGP implementation now correctly handles CAST5 symmetrically encrypted files
  • added support for XFTP server's directory format
  • SENDMAIL now writes the smtp transcript to the trace log even upon an apparent success

Bug Fixes

  • crash from exiting main window before exiting applet
  • anonymous logins could fail because the email address provided in the configurator could not be decrypted
  • possible logging error in HTTP stack when there were no cookies
  • configurator and dashboard could not be run at the same time
  • HTTP wouldn't allow ? characters to be used in request uri
  • HTTP only returned the first cookie received in responses in the following requests
  • IFDATETIME and IFDATE were not working when default comparing to %sitefiledatetime
  • SENDMAIL would issue a STARTSSL even if the server didn't advertise it. On some buggy servers this caused undefined behavior
  • AS400 directory parsing could mix up month and day
  • applet did not correctly handle losing focus
  • IBM Host features could cause FTPCD to hang
  • standard unix directory listings that printed the month in all lower case were not handled correctly

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