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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.6.7 (Released: 2008-10-15)

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  • Add /signature=[ignore|optional|required] to PGPDECRYPT (optional is default and mimics 3.5 default behavior)
  • LOG now returns $ERROR_FILE_OPEN_ERROR when you specify a file it can't open
  • Robo-Edit now recognizes /compat, /signature and $ERROR_PGP_SIGNATURE_INVALID
  • PGP now logs information for the key used signing a message

Bug Fixes

  • Updated STD_UNIX_FORMAT directory listing
  • PGP commands can now be cancelled
  • Removed 2 potential hangs when using the STAYALIVE script command
  • Service installer now grants logon as a service
  • corrupted memory in rcvfile could result in invalid remote directory

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