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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.6.6 (Released: 2008-09-03)

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  • Able to create different key types when creating key pair
  • Compatibility mode checkbox for key creation
  • Compatibility mode flag /compat added to pgpencrypt command
  • Improved logging of the email and pgp commands

Bug Fixes

  • Added the Version header to ASCII armored files
  • Changed default symmetric algorithm used for encryption to CAST5
  • Updated MLSD directory listing format
  • Fixed issue with Show Fingerprint in Configurator
  • PGPENCRYPT: /textmode flag broken
  • Signing failed when signing from subkeys
  • On upgrade configuration wasn't updated until configurator was run
  • PGPENCRYPT wrong timestamp in file
  • Delete emptied %nextfile variable
  • FTPDELETE emptied %nextsitefile variable
  • CREATEMAIL did not allow multiple sendmail calls or multiple recipients
  • If you connected to a site defined in the registry and it specified passive then connected to site not defined in the registry it would be a passive connection no matter what was specified on the second ftplogon cmdline

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