Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.6.0 (Released: 2008-05-16)

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  • Added support for HTTP/HTTPS protocol
  • Added new and improved PGP implementation
  • Added new Robo-FTP Configurator
  • Added support for HP_UNIX servertype
  • Improved License Activation dialogs
  • Improved encryption for local storage of passwords
  • Add support for Windows Server 2008

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with certificate error warning when logging on to SFTP sites
  • Fixed issue with SNAPSHOT and FTPSNAPSHOT returning incorrect number of files
  • Fixed issue in DIFF and FTPDIFF caused by .journal files
  • Fixed issue with DIFF and SNAPSHOT when using the /incldirs option
  • Fixed issue with MLSD format on some servers which use Size= instead of size=
  • Fixed issue with running more than 50 instances
  • Fixed issue with GETMAIL command
  • Fixed issue with %lastfile variable getting set too late when downloading files
  • Fixed issue with FTPLOGOFF disconnecting DUN connection
  • Fixed LOGNTEVENT issue with /type=4 and /type=5