Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v1.50.4(SP3) (Released: 2003-12-21)

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  • Increase max number of incidences from 40 to 50.
  • Add "will trigger next" message(s) when CRON command is run.
  • Add /gpgopt and /gpglog options to PGPENCRYPT and PGPDECRYPT commands.
  • Add PGPCOMMAND script command.
  • Prevent problem in PGPENCRYPT and PGPDECRYPT command when keyring location (erroneously) contains the "pubring.gpg" file name in the path (now we allow it to prevent problems).
  • To avoid syntax errors when parsing command line options, look for one or two spaces around equal sign (e.g. /option = value) and remove in time to avoid a syntax error.
  • Handle case where some Unix servers send "." and ".." directories when a LIST command for single file is sent; we expect that the file come back by itself, but after this change we look for these undesired directories and remove them.

Bug Fixes

  • Change so default folder in open script dialog conforms to the current working directory.
  • Fix GUI bug in Manage Site tab of configurator where password verification field would become active when defining a SSH site using key authentication.