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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v2.0.0 (Released: 2004-04-30)

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  • Enable XP theme for controls, buttons.
  • Add Robo-EDIT script file editor and CronMaker crontab file manager.
  • Add console command mode.
  • Add color highlighting to console and trace windows.
  • Switch to Windows Installer.
  • Implement caching of FTP site directory information to improve performance of SYNC and other commands that use the /subdirs option.
  • Change license activation: add "one-click" authorization; combine active/reactive menus; add Activation Troubleshooting Wizard.
  • Add 'Check for Update' functionality to menu and automatic update checking the first time program is run.
  • Add Help to trace window system menu.
  • Add BREAK script command.
  • Add TIMEZONE script command.
  • Add /ifarchive option to SENDFILE command.
  • Add transmit/receive progress and directory listing events to COM/OLE interface.
  • Add %lasterrormsg script variable.
  • Add %synccount, %uploadcount, and %downloadcount variables.
  • Add /allowerrors option on SYNC command and final tally of files synchronized.
  • Add FTPLIST script command.
  • Add RoboActivateLicense(), RoboRemoveLicense(), and RoboLicenseStatus() methods to COM/OLE interface.
  • Add RoboDirList() event to COM/OLE interface.
  • Increase size (number of displayed lines) in console (13100) and trace windows (5000).
  • Lock script file when script is running so RoboEdit, etc. cannot change it.
  • Remember size and location of console and trace windows between runs and restore windows on subsequent runs.

Bug Fixes

  • Do not force files provided with UNZIP command to have .zip extensions.
  • Fix LOG/TRACELOG commands when a file name extension is present -- retain it, do not remove and replace with .log.
  • Fix RCVFILE command to work properly with "?" wildcards.
  • Change to initial local folder defined with a given pre-defined FTP site when connecting via FTPLOGON command (behavior now same as connecting via client applet).
  • Fix so stop/skip button works when sending multiple files.
  • Fix so "skip command" button works when sending/receiving multiple files.
  • Fix "reply-to" address on CREATEMAIL command.
  • Fix bug when /tz=-1.
  • Add http program update checking and automatic update checking the first time program is run.
  • Fix month displayed in log files.
  • Fix bug in SSH/SSL mode where Robo would hang if doing a LIST [file] command to the server and [file] does not exist.
  • Fix LOGNTEVENT command to write specified message to the event log.
  • Fix GETSITEFILE /newest" with Hummingbird server that appeared at beginning of 2004.
  • Fix bug in RCVFILE command where /as and /delete options did not work together (file not deleted).
  • Fix client/main window min/restore when rcv/xmt progress windows are active.
  • Fix SSL/SSH mode to properly detect a CWD to a non-existent server directory.
  • Fix problem with SSH server where executable files are marked in a directory listing with a trailing "*" char -- this needs to be removed for local file operations to work.
  • Reset READFILE record number on script (re)start.
  • Allow READFILE without arguments -- this resets the file pointer to top.
  • Add a numeric return code to RETURN when coming back from a function.
  • Fix CALL command to allow more than two parms.
  • Fix deletion of .tmp files and name function temp files using function name.
  • Set default NATO to 30 seconds.
  • Fix resume progress bar to show correct percentage sent/rcvd including what was sent/rcvd previously.
  • Fix so dir changes in FTP applet are reflected correctly in WORKINGDIR.
  • Fix bug in ScriptWiz when installed for all users.
  • Fix bug where forward scan for a label would fail if there were any blank lines in the script.
  • Fix problem where options in FTPLOGON cmd for site not predefined could not be replaced for another site.

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