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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v2.0.2 (Released: 2004-05-26)

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  • Add support to IFDATE and IFTIME commands to compare two dates and times directly.
  • Add additional question in Activation Troubleshooting Wizard when contacting license server fails because user might be behind a firewall.
  • To improve performance, disable console and trace window messages when the windows are minimized.

Bug Fixes

  • Make sure all files created and/or opened have proper file sharing attributes.
  • Fix problem where /type option on FTPLOGON command was overriden by the predefined server.
  • Make sure the "authform.txt" is written to the installation folder.
  • Verify all responses from license server and add trace log output for failed license requests.
  • Fix to reset NATO timer so to prevent premature no activity time-out errors when sending/receiving many small files.
  • Implement failsafe time-out when contacting license server.
  • Fix problem with random internal "thread launch" errors.
  • Minimize trace window at same time as main window if both are active.
  • Fix reactivation screen in Activation Troubleshooting Wizard (were an old removal code is entered) attempted an activation instead (so no removal code was sent to the license server).
  • Fail a FTPLOGON to fail if its embedded CWD subsequently fails (often due to PASV mode conflict.
  • Fix time-outs (predefined vs. command option) on FTPLOGON script command.
  • Fix problem receiving space embedded file name from Unix server (it could crash the client applet; in a script it didn't produce an error and it seemed like the download was successful when it was never even tried).
  • Fix to properly recover from certain socket errors (e.g., connection time-out with server).
  • Fix two CronMaker issues: daily event off my one day; main window not updated after an edit.
  • Fix so proper warning messages appear when rebooting Windows when Robo-FTP is running a script or is connected
  • Prevent program fault is string variable overflows its maximum length.
  • Suppress transmit and receive progress dialogs when in hidden OLE operation.

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