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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v2.1.0 (Released: 2004-11-11)

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  • Significantly improve upload throughput performance on high-speed networks by a minimum of 2x.
  • Add new SrvMonitor utility to allow a user to check and monitor the status of a running Robo-FTP service.
  • Add Robo-FTP Upload Manager that is integrated with Windows Explorer.
  • Add support for Clear Control Channel (CCC) operation in FTPS (FTP + SSL) mode.
  • Add automatic real-time compression in FTPS (FTP + SSL) mode with servers that support it (for example, Gene6, RaidenFTPd, Serv-U, and Blackmoon). This can significantly improve file transfer performance.
  • Add "keyboard interactive log on" mode to SFTP (FTP + SSH) mode.
  • Add new -l command line switch for use with -m switch to lock the minimized state of Robo-FTP and prevent a user from maximizing the window.
  • Add %uploadsize and %downloadsize variables to be set after the SENDFILE and RCVFILE script commands, respectively, are run.
  • Confirm settings import with "Are you sure?" prompt to avoid erroneous overwriting of existing settings.
  • For security purposes, only allow Administrator users to authorize/remove the license.
  • Extend the PGPDECRYPT command to allow the decrypted file to be named using the original file name saved when the file was encrypted.
  • When exporting settings, do not export PGP passphrase unless specifically directed to do so.
  • Add build number to version number in console window and written to log files.
  • Add *TRUE / *FALSE indicator when IFxxx commands are executed from the command console.
  • Add Manual Activation instructions.
  • Restrict control of Secure Session Log File to Administrator users only.
  • Add /lock and /hide options to the MINIMIZE script command.
  • Add -pX switch for alternate way to pass in command line values which allows DOS variables to be specified and resolved (eg., -p1 %TMP%)
  • Add %zipcount and %unzipcount variables.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix numerous problems in CronMaker.
  • Fix some problems if file names are longer than 256 characters.
  • Return proper error code on successful FTPTOJES command.
  • Print "no wildcards supported" message on PGPDECRYPT and PGPENCRYPT if necessary.
  • Fix STAYALIVE command.
  • Fix internal numeric representations to permit very large values without overflowing.
  • In PGPDECRYPT and PGPENCRYPT commands, don't let input and output file names to be the same file name.
  • Verify saved screen coordinates and discard them if they are obviously corrupted.
  • Move "license.ini" file info into the Windows registry.
  • Fix default path in configurator if it is run when no registry settings exist yet.
  • During license activation detect that the serial number has changed from a previous activation and then clear any residual removal code from previous activation -- this allows activation with a different serial number to work.
  • Fix problem where "duplicate removal code" error would appear the first time on an attempted reactivation but would then become "serial number already activated" errors.
  • Count the number of instances running and if more than one, do not allow a license activation or removal.
  • Fix SET command when there are quoted strings being concatenated (quotes were lost).
  • Do not error off on console paste that includes a CR or LF.
  • Fix bug where receive to local WRITE PROTECTED file would be reported as successful. Now report correct file access error.
  • Fix bug where TRACEWIN command would crash.
  • Correct display of default site checkbox in Manage Sites window in configuration utility.
  • Fix crash with GETSITEFILE script command in SSL mode with Connect:Enterprise server.
  • Remove all old servers when importing settings.
  • Fix problems when cancelling uploads in normal and FTP + SSL mode.
  • Fix problem with "empty label" (e.g., :) -- these are simply ignored.
  • With some server types, fix problem where time stamp of 12PM was not translated to correct time for comparison purposes.

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