Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v1.50.2(SP1) (Released: 2003-10-28)

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  • Add SSH key authentication and private key generation.
  • Allow PASV connections in implicit SSL mode.
  • Add ability in Robo-FTP Configurator to create an empty PGP keyring.
  • Add basic log on/send/receive/log off support for servers that do not have recognized directory formats.
  • Allow both single and double quotation marks in command line option (e,g, -s"xx xx" and -s'xx xx').
  • Add /textmode option to PGPENCRYPT command.
  • Add %currentlocaldir, %sitefilesize, and %nextfilesize script variables.
  • Change behavior of RETURN command to function like STOP if it appears in a main script.
  • Increase stack size to allow for deeply nested function calls.
  • Remove unnecessary limitation of IFERROR not being allowed after COMPAREFILETO and COMPAREFILEFROM script commands.
  • Add proxy server port number to configuration screen.
  • Add new /password option to PROMPT command to allow hidden input.
  • Improve error handling in PGPENCRYPT and PGPDECRYPT commands to test for valid keyring files to prevent vague, unhelpful error messages.
  • Add ability in configurator to create an empty PGP keyring.
  • Allow both single and double quotation marks in command line option (e,g, -s"xx xx" and -s'xx xx').

Bug Fixes

  • Fix problem where graphic images were not displayed in the help file.
  • Fix problem in "ScriptIntro.s" that prevented sample script from running.
  • Fix problem with importing and exporting settings.
  • Fix so log file names are recalled under Robo-FTP Configurator Logging tab.
  • Fix so return code from DELDIR, DELETE, and other file level commands is processed correctly in IFERROR commands.
  • Fix problem in FTP client applet where file details are not displayed correctly in SSL/SSH mode.
  • Fix problem where LIST command of a file name containing a space would not work in SSL/SSH mode.
  • Fix problem in FUNCTION declaration containing blank lines.
  • Fix handling of partial PGP key identifiers on PGPENCRYPT that could produce zero length encrypted files.
  • Fix /pw= display in log files that revealed portions of password following a space character.
  • Fix file time/date/size when using /oldest or /newest option on GETSITEFILE and GETNEXTFILE.
  • Fix functions to properly handle functions calling functions and to prevent recursive function calls.
  • Fix lowercase conversion problem on function arguments.
  • Fix problem in SSL trusted certificate database when more than one certificate was saved.
  • Fix bug that failed to list directories on Sterling Enterprise Gateway SSL server.
  • Add configuration and script command option to force SSL connection to send a client certificate.
  • Fix bug where progress bars caused Assertion Fault when SENDFILE or RCVFILE were invoked across the COM/OLE interface.
  • Fix FTPCMD that contains "stor" or "retr" in a file name (e.g., FTPCMD 'SITE CHMOD 555 stories').
  • Fix problem in RCVFILE when non-existent rcv file path is specified.
  • Fix problem in ScriptIntro that prevented sample script from running.
  • Fix configurator bugs where log files weren't recalled under Logging tab.
  • Fix bug in COM/OLE interface on Close when running Windows 98.
  • Fix problem with FTPLOGON command when attempting to log onto SSH/SSL sites are were not predefined.