Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v2.1.1 (Released: 2005-03-03)

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  • Significantly improve SSH upload performance.
  • Add TANDEM_UNIX, REFLECTION, and USBANK Unix server types.
  • Change interpretation of Unix/Linux directory listing that does not include the year from assuming that the year will be the current year to +/- six months from current date year. Fixes problems in date comparisons.
  • Add running as NT service warning to initial No User Settings dialog.
  • Add check to SrvInstaller for proper All Users installation and issue warning if appropriate.
  • Allow wildcard path in FTPLIST command.
  • Add multi-level trace logging controlled by -b switch.
  • Add -u switch to eliminate need to be an administrator to activate the license; this switch is also supported in the Configurator too so session logging can be controlled.
  • Add -b switch to control trace logging level.
  • Allow Robo-FTP to remain "alive" when GnuPG is launched to encrypt and decrypt files and during PGPCOMMAND script command operation.
  • Add log on and log off messages in SSH/SSL mode especially useful in the FTP client applet.
  • Permit PGP keyring to be empty when PGPIMPORT script command is run.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix assignment of %unzipcount variable.
  • Fix Shell32.dll problem under Windows NT 4.
  • Fix /trust option on FTPLOGON to default to DENY (as documented).
  • Fix to correctly check for SSL server certificate in all cases.
  • Fix Logoff menu control in FTP client applet.
  • Fix STAYALIVE problem after logging off and back on again.
  • Fix SESSIONLOG command to work consistently with LOG and TRACELOG as far as console messages are concerned.
  • Make all lines in the listing file created by FTPLIST end with CR/LF.
  • Fix possible "thread launch error" that could occur if FTPLOGON failed.
  • Fix memory leak that could occur over time with many consecutive SSH and SSL logons.
  • Remove write access request when opening PGP key file to import which prevents occasional PGPIMPORT command failure.
  • Fix problem in CRON command where trigger date would be off on the last day of a month.