Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v2.1.2 (Released: 2005-03-29)

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  • Add /allowerrors option to SENDFILE and RCVFILE command to permit file transfers to ignore non-fatal errors when uploading or downloading multiple files using a wildcard pathname.
  • Add %downloaderrors and %uploaderrors variables in conjunction with the above.
  • Add save site logon settings option to Manual Logon screen.
  • Add server name to "Logging on to..." message.
  • Change GETNEXTFILE and GETSITEFILE with the /incldirs option to return subfolder(s) when any path (not just "*.*") is in the command.
  • Change so wildcards are not necessary with the /ignorecase option on GETSITEFILE.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug that prevented SrvInstaller from starting properly if no FTP sites are predefined.
  • Fix bug where the script log shows that a file was not downloaded due to a "SysError: Access denied" error and therefore no file transfer actually occurred, yet the message "Download complete, 1 file received" was still logged.
  • Fix bug where FTPCD of "/./" and "./" caused problems in SSH/SSL mode.
  • Fix bug where RCVFILE "./*" caused a problem in SSH/SSL mode.