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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v1.50.1 (Released: 2003-09-04)

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Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug in SYNC command that would result in syntax error is full path to a local folder was specified.
  • Fix bug in SYNC command that caused it to fail when descending into subfolders.
  • Fix /as option of SENDFILE and RCVFILE to work with ALTFTP, SSH, and SSL modes.
  • Fix FTPDELETE "*.*" to allow graceful exit if command is stopped.
  • Eliminate internal 120 sec. time-out in ALTFTP, SSH, and SSL modes.
  • Change CHGDIR/WORKINGDIR command to recognize ".." to move up a directory level.
  • Fix COPY/APPEND commands to allow relative paths and to copy into folders (destination file name not necessary in command).
  • Fix RENAME command to allow relative paths.

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