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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.0.0 (Released: 2006-04-03)

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  • Add ability to configure multiple proxy server types in secure and AltFTP modes.
  • Add ability to turn off SSL compression if neceessary.
  • Add ability to select "strict host" mode when configuring a FTP site.
  • When creating a SSH key, add ability to select RSA or DSA key type and the key size.
  • Add ability to configure maximum transfer rate in secure and AltFTP modes.
  • Add %servertype variable.
  • Add /dynamicdirs option to FTPLOGON command to support servers that change directory listing formats on the fly.
  • Expand recognition of AS400 server directory format.
  • Add /dynamicdirs option to FTPLOGON command.
  • Add BROWSE script command.
  • Add GETFILE and FTPGETFILE commands (updates to GETNEXTFILE and GETSITEFILE which are still supported).
  • Add SNAPSHOT, DIFF and GETDIFF commands (and FTP site counterparts).
  • Add /listtype=2 option to FTPLOGON to use NLST instead of LIST commands to server.
  • Add DBUSE, DBQUERY, DBCLOSE, DBGETRESULTS, DBREWIND integrated SQL database commands.
  • Add MaxTransferRate support.
  • Add log message indicating if SFTP uses password or key authentication and if RSA or DSA key type.
  • Add multiple e-mail recipients to SENDMAIL command.
  • Add IFSTRCMPI, IFNSTRCMPI, IFSUBSTRI, IFNSUBSTRI script commands (same as their previously existing namesakes but these ignore case.
  • Add MAILTO and PRESSANYKEY script commands.
  • Add VB and C# .Net sample projects for Robo-FTP COM interface.
  • Add RSCMD, RSCMDSTATUS, RSCMDCANCEL remote server commands (for use with Robo-FTP Server v3.0).
  • Relax testing for adminstrator rights when launching Robo-FTP to permit more users with correct permissions -- but not necessarily administrator rights -- to installand run Robo-FTP.
  • Permit embedded CR (\r) and LF (\n) character sequences to be in the body of e-mails used in CREATEMAIL script command.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix case sensitive local file names
  • Fix LOG/TRACELOG problem where any log path specified could be replaced by the default path when /on & /off options used LOG/TRACELOG with no options restores the default path
  • Fix problem distinguishing between file and folders with WIN_SSH server.
  • Fix problem in December on RCVFILE xxx /serverdate /ifnewer when TIMEZONE is set where date would be wrong.
  • Fix bug rerunning a script when the -b option is present.
  • Fix FTPCD "./dir" in SSH/SSL mode.
  • Fix case-sensitivity bug when matching wildcard patterns to find local files - comparison needs to be always lowercase.
  • Ignore WSAECONNRESET (connection reset by server) error when trying to send QUIT when disconnecting.
  • Make sure trace window is explicitly closed in exit.
  • Eliminate random program fault that could appear on exit.
  • Change default ports accordingly when changing server type in Manage Sites.
  • Fix active command line is not lost after a BREAK.
  • No longer allow '&' character in PGP passphrase which prevents subsequent failure.
  • Prevent site(s) from being lost from client applet logon listbox when a different site is deleted.
  • Fix problem when CRON events are scheduled for all days (0-6).
  • Fix problem where successful decryption is indicated when an invalid passphrase is specified.
  • Fix %currentlocaldir when logging onto a FTP site that has an initial folder defined.
  • Fix secure logon that fails the first time (as it should) when denying a host certificate but permits successful connections to the same site on subsequent connections when these should fail too.
  • Fix /trust=all option so saved certificates are found when no /trust option is used on subsequent logons.
  • Fix aborting of AltFTP and secure mode file transfers.
  • Fix problem with /allowerrors on FTP uploads and on any AltFTP and secure mode file transfers.
  • Fix zero second time-out problem on RoboStartSession() COM function.
  • Fix bug window coordinates get clobbered when the app is closed when minimized.
  • Correct problem in COM interface when issuing cancel so if a CALL or CHAIN command is actually cancelled rather than current command.
  • Check for zero byte output file on PGPDECRYPT and issue error if found.
  • Fix erroneous log message when LOOPIF command continues.
  • Fix bug in Robo-EDIT where LOOPCOUNT command was not highlighted.
  • Fix STAYALIVE script command.

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