Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.0.2 (Released: 2006-07-10)

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  • The /subdir and /archive options for SENDFILE command may now be combined.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved the wildcard handling, more complex wildcard masks can be used.
  • The Check for Updates command no longer crashes the application if called on the first run after installation.
  • Resolved issue with creating large volume of temp files, which was slowing down load times and interfering with commands such as FTPCD.
  • Resolved issue which was preventing the encrypting or decrypting of very large files.
  • The script editor was not highlighting certain script commands; this has been corrected.
  • Cron-maker no longer shows first occurrences of new task as two time increments out; now shows first occurrence at next valid time increment
  • SENDFILE command no longer sending too many files when wildcards are used with the /subdirs option.
  • PGPDECRYPT no longer crashes when a "&" is found in the passphrase. An error message is returned instead.
  • Improved error messages for PGPDECRYPT; now returns different error messages if password is invalid or missing
  • Improved error messages for GETNEXTFILE; now returns different error messages if the file is not found, or if the location does not exist
  • Improved error messages for several commands regarding wildcards; these functions now return an error specific to wildcard errors, rather than returning a general "file/folder open error"
  • Updated the the pgpdemo.s sample script file.