Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.0.3 (Released: 2006-08-11)

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Bug Fixes

  • Corrected bug in Cron scheduler relating to roll-over on months with 31 days.
  • Cron scheduler no longer crashes when it encounters a monthly task scheduled on the 31st.
  • Corrected error with ZIP command in which some or all files in a directory were not being archived.
  • Fixed bug with the "IFSIZE= 0" command
  • Fixed bug with COPY, MOVE, and APPEND commands; 2nd parameter can now be a folder.
  • When running as a service and interacting with the desktop, Robo-FTP will now display script results in the console window.
  • PGPENCRYPT no longer reports a 0-byte file error when the user specifies a folder as the file destination (rather than a specific file name).
  • WORKINGDIR and GETNEXTFILE can now access the root directory of a network share. They can also switch from accessing the root of a network drive to accessing the root of a disk drive; e.g., the command "WORKINGDIR 'C:'" will no longer cause an error if your working directory was previously on a network share.