Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v1.50.0 (Released: 2003-08-25)

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  • Add SSH/SSL secure FTP site support.
  • Add PGP encryption/decryption.
  • Add OLE/COM Automation.
  • Add numeric variables.
  • Increase maximum number of variables to 4096.
  • Permit "accented" or foreign letters in variables and strings.
  • Change to allow all wildcard patterns in RCVFILE and SENDFILE with /subdirs option.
  • Add ZIP and UNZIP script commands.
  • Add SYNC script command.
  • Add SESSIONLOG script command.
  • Add /type option to FTPLOGON script command.
  • Add FTPPWD script command and %currentsitedir variable.
  • Add timezone (/tz) option to FILECOMPARETO and FILECOMPAREFROM script commands.
  • Add %cr. %crlf, and %lf variables.
  • Change %serverdir & %serverfile to %sitedir and %sitefile (old variables still recognized).
  • Change GETSERVERFILE to GETSITEFILE (old command still recognized).
  • Add DATEADD and DATESUB script commands.
  • Add IFNUM and SETNUM script commands.
  • Remove drag and drop functionality

Bug Fixes

  • Fix CPU creep problem that consumed system resources as Robo-FTP continued to run.
  • Fix CREATEMAIL command to not crash is a argument is omitted.
  • Fix taskbar status when running as an icon.
  • Interactive commands (ASK, PROMPT, MESSAGEBOX) and the STOP command delay forever when a script running as an icon executes these commands -- this allows Robo-FTP to "wake up" when the window is maximized.
  • Fix so XMT and RCV status windows do not pop up when running in minimized window.
  • Fix bug that prevented an EXIT command from working if it was in a called script or within a function.
  • Fix to display current script file in <...> in window title.
  • Fix bug in READFILE when /termchr option is not specified.
  • Fix the RETURN command function to return from a called script file.
  • Fix RCVFILE with wildcards to recognize "t*.*" for example -- in other words partial file names including wildcards.
  • Fix /maxsize option for log files.
  • Fix the IFDATE script command.
  • Fix RCVFILE "xxx" /as "yyy" ("yyy" file name was corrupted).
  • Fix so upper/lower case is retained in what is read from "crontab.txt" file.
  • Fix bug in SENDFILE that did not display transmit performance on files < 1024 bytes.
  • Fix so working directory (and other parms) aren't clobbered when configurator is run from toolbar.
  • When GETNEXTFILE has relative path (e.g., "outgoing\*.txt") make the resulting %nextpath contains the correct full path of found file.
  • Fix bug in Script Wizard in PAUSE command (time off by an hour).
  • Fix bug where %date, %time, and %datetime variables may not have gotten initialized (for example in WRITEFILE command).
  • Fix SET command to not reset values of internal variables.