Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v1.44.0 (Released: 2003-03-24)

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  • Version coincides with new support plans.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix CREATEMAIL script command to always create a new message.
  • RCVFILE "*.*" /subdirs did not properly recurse a deep directory structure.
  • Correct /ifnewer option on RCVFILE and SENDFILE to behave as "newer" not "newer or same as".
  • Correct potential problem with /serverdate option on RCVFILE.
  • Date comparison with files on a Windows-based server problem fixed.
  • Fix problem with not being able to suppress 30-day nag screen.
  • Fix problems passing command line arguments into script file.
  • Fix /timeout option on FTPLOGON script command.