Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v1.42.0 (Released: 2002-11-25)

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  • Add /resume and /resumeany options to SENDFILE and RCVFILE commands to provide FTP restart functionality (i.e., ability to resume failed transfers from point of interruption).
  • Add ARCHIVEDIR command and /archive option to SENDFILE command to automatically archive files as they are sent.
  • Add STAYALIVE command to maintain connection to a server during idle periods.
  • Add /append option to LOG and TRACELOG commands.
  • Add /serverdate option to RCVFILE command to store a local file with the same date/time as the file has on the server.
  • Add /subdirs option to GETNEXTFILE and GETSERVERFILE and corresponding %nextfolder and %serverdir variables to return subfolders and subdirectories respectively as they are located.
  • Add /next option to GETNEXTFILE command to return all files, and optionally subfolders, from a local folder.
  • Add FILECOMPARETO, FILECOMPAREFROM, IFDATE, IFSIZE commands to provide method to compare local and server file sizes and date/time stamps.
  • Extend operation of /nostatus option to RCVFILE command to not issue LIST command prior to retrieving each file which improves file transfer performance.
  • Add new result codes to more completely describe the reason for a failed transfer (e.g., local file is smaller than corresponding file on the server).

Bug Fixes

  • Increase precision of progress bar calculations so larger files can be represented.
  • Resolve problem when cancelling transfers -- use ABOR FTP command where possible so cancellations are clean and do not require logging off and back on (ABOR is not supported by all servers).
  • Fix bug using *.* in SENDFILE with /delete option
  • Fix bug in CRON command when crontab file is defined in a variable.
  • Fix bug where upper case characters in function call resulted in erroneous message script failure.
  • Fix bug in Robo-FTP service installer that caused a program fault when clicking on Remove service.
  • Fix bugs related to /maxsize option for the LOG and TRACELOG commands.