Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.5.0 (Released: 2007-11-13)

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  • Added a /integrity option to RCVFILE, SENDFILE, and SYNC commands. This option will enable integrity checking during transfer of files. Supported algorithms include CRC, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, and SHA512.
  • Added Configurator option which will automatically run a script file on starting Robo-FTP.
  • Added %sitefolder internal script variable.
  • Added support for the WACHOVIA servertype.
  • Added %lastfile and %lastpath internal script variables which are set when error occurs sending/receiving files with wildcards.
  • Improved logging when using the /serverdate option.
  • Enabled transfer dialogs to be displayed when Robo-FTP is running hidden.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with RCVFILE "*.*" /nostatus doing listings after each file is received.
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect error is returned when unzipping an empty zip file.
  • Fixed problems with /localdate on secure servers.
  • Fixed issue with Logon dialog being shown when running as service.
  • Fixed issue with SYNC not logging error when no files were sent/received.
  • Fixed issue with %uploadsize and %downloadsize being incorrect when file is greater than 4GB.
  • Fixed issue with GETNEXTFILE and the /newest or /oldest options when file over 4GB.
  • Fixed issue with "Robo-FTP Service Installer" link remaining in the Control Panel after uninstall.
  • Fixed issue with SENDFILE and RCVFILE not returning error when %nextfile or %sitefile internal script variable are not set.
  • Fixed issue with RCVFILE when using the /subdirs /nostatus /delete options.
  • Fixed issue with SENDMAIL not returning an error when sending to a single recipient and an error occurs.
  • Fixed issue with time-out beginning when Logon button is clicked in client applet.
  • Fixed issue with Service Monitor not finding service name when Robo-FTP running as application.
  • Fixed issue with Client Applet crash when connection times out while 'Accept Fingerprint' dialog is displayed.
  • Fixed issue with FTPGETREWIND returning "*GETFTPFILE file pointer rewound.".
  • Fixed issue with file times being converted to UTC with servers using the MLSD servertype.
  • Fixed issue with GETNEXTFILE "*.txt" /incldirs not returning files in subdirectories.
  • Fixed issue with SENDFILE crash when filename begins with percent-alpha combo.
  • Fixed issue with ZIP when using single file name not being added to the zip file.