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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v1.0.0.40a (Released: 2002-10-10)

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  • Add support to connect via proxy server (or gateway).
  • Add CREATEMAIL, SENDMAIL, and GETMAIL script commands to send and receive E-mail messages under script control.
  • Add support for user-defined functions with script files with new BEGINFUNCTIONS, FUNCTION, ENDFUNCTION, and RETURN script commands.
  • Add /nospaces option to SENDFILE script command to rename space-embedded file names for compatibility with Unix servers (spaces are converted to underscores)
  • Add %lasterror variable to hold result from most recent script command.
  • Add %nextpath variable to hold the complete path of the file saved in the %nextfile variable.
  • Add MOVE script command to move (copy and delete) a file from one location to another.
  • Add MAKEFILENAME script command to create a unique, non-existant local file name
  • Add CONSOLE [ /on | /off ] script command to control command echo and message output to the console window.
  • Add site licensing version for deployment to large installations.
  • Add /port option to FTPLOGON script command.
  • Recognize DISCONNECT command as FTPLOGOFF script command for non-dial-up connections.
  • Add /delete option to SENDFILE and RCVFILE script commands to automatically delete a file aftera successful transmission.
  • Add /ifnsamesz option to SENDFILE and RCVFILE script commands to prevent transmission or reception of a file when it exists and is the same size.
  • Add /subdirs option to SENDFILE and RCVFILE script commands to traverse subdirectories to send or receive all files in a specified path.
  • GETNEXTFILE script command does not "see" a file if it is open.
  • Add IMPORT and EXPORT script commands and menu controls to import and export configuration settings.
  • Permit blank passwords for FTP logon.
  • Edit script button presents a file selection dialog rather than immediately opening current script file
  • Add server directory listings and other multi-line responses to trace window and log file.
  • Add Registry creation on start-up so that configurator does not need to be run at least once first.
  • Increase command line argument size from 40 to 256 bytes.
  • Permit script labels to be indented.
  • Permit script commands to be marked with leading '@' character that prevents the command and all results from being echoed to the console and log file.
  • Permit script commands to be marked with leading '!' character that prevents just command from being echoed to the console and log file (results are not suppressed).
  • Change internal variables $ftpresultsfile and $ftplastresult to %ftpresultsfile and %ftplastresult respectively (both variables are recognized for backward compatibility).
  • Prevent error 350 from showing up in the log when using RNFR/RNTO FTP commands using FTPCMD script command.
  • Handle an empty file response to GETSERVERFILE script command as "file not found" rather than a "server directory format error".
  • Add shortcut -c command line switch to copy Registry from HKCU to HKLM on program startup so NT 'at' scheduler (and similar resources) can be used.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug that results in poor file transfer performance when sending and receiving large files
  • Fix bug causing program fault when blank line(s) are in crontab file.
  • Fix bug where labels and other context information was lost upon return to original script after a CALL script command.
  • Fix bug so network paths such as \\server\data\temp.log are supported.
  • Fix bug preventing recognition of NT/DOS FTP servers when the initial directory listing contains only one line containing <dir>.
  • Fix bug with FTPLOGON script command specified with no parameters (server name could be corrupted).
  • Fix bug using /ifnewer option with SENDFILE script command when wildcards are in the path.
  • Fix bug if SENDFILE /ifnewer script command is issued to an IIS server (returned error 550 if file does not exist on server when sending file for the first time).
  • Fix bug in configurator to save/recall local folder correctly.
  • Fix bug in command line parsing to permit comment chars ('*', ';') to be within command options (e.g., FTPLOGON /pw=_xxxxx*).
  • Fix bug that resulted in multiple identical lines being written to the trace log file when trace window was open.
  • Fix bug in FTP applet creating default server for the first time.
  • Fix bug in FTP applet remembering the default server when editing host definitions.
  • Fix bug where new Site Key was ignored when it was entered in the reauthorization dialog IMMEDIATELY after license was removed - it was okay if reauthorization dialog was opened thereafter.
  • Fix bug that would disconnect from server when exiting a script file.
  • Fix bug where password (e.g., pw=...) in FTPLOGON script command was not hidden in log files and in console window.
  • Fix bug with GETSERVERFILE script command's /oldest and /newest options when files in directory had the same date/time.

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