Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.12.5 (Released: 2022-02-04)

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Bug Fixes

  • Enable/Disable schedule button in configurator now works correctly
  • Client applet could not be resized
  • HTTP FTPLIST command spams 3 logon attempts
  • Crash on SFTP append on servers which did not support O_APPEND
  • Could not connect to servers that use insecure 1024 bit primes for SSH DH group exchange
  • Settings Exporter could fail under some circumstances
  • RoboActivateLicense fails with return 12
  • Errors using a system wide data storage path that was not named ProgramData
  • Debug logging disabled by default on fresh install
  • A rare condition could cause the Robo-FTP Script Processor and Configurator to disagree about license status
  • Script parameters not set by ServiceInstaller when using -instnow option
  • Write access to a job was not required to download files from its runs
  • New S3 site configuration did not display proper bucket/accesskey/secretkey labels