Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.12.3 (Released: 2021-11-30)

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Bug Fixes

  • String arguments to COM Automation functions corrupted if they had wide characters in them
  • system.web.compilation tempDirectory could be empty
  • system.web.compilation tempDirectory should not be in ProgramData
  • Framework push step uploads files twice under some circumstances
  • Unable to connect to Amazon S3 if ListBucket and HeadBucket permissions are unavailable
  • Under Sqlite, on main Framework page, selecting a group shows *all* jobs from *all* groups instead of just jobs for selected group
  • Can't delete jobs under SQL Server or Oracle
  • Configurator request restart as administrator when trying to configure with scheduler service without admin privileges
  • Last run time in Framework showing time in UTC instead of local time
  • Under SFTP protocol, files were uploaded with UNIX permissions 0600 (u=rw) instead of 0666 (a=rw)
  • Enable/Disable Schedule button in the configurator doesn't work
  • Race condition in scheduling code could cause Framework Web UI to not update correctly
  • Client Applet crashes when browsing to a UNC path
  • Progress meter shows 100% all the time when transferring over SFTP