Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.11.6 (Released: 2020-04-22)

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  • Added support for forward proxy Single-Sign On authentication
  • Added Temp Prefix field to Framework push step
  • Added awaitingdownload step to Framework
  • Added Download action to Framework to report file downloads for use with awaitingdownload step
  • Added %counter and %random built-in variables
  • Added Framework step entry to show when and which user stopped/retried a job
  • Framework remotetouch step now supports wildcards

Bug Fixes

  • Deleting scheduler jobs throws "No job key associated" error
  • Buffer overflow in DlgCertificateWarning::InitCertWarning
  • The scheduled job list can hang up loading the list of jobs
  • Non-blacklisted files are not being propagated to subsequent steps during the whitelist step
  • Field values not correctly saved when saving job with schedule in configurator
  • Added additional DB indices for improved Framework UI responsiveness under SQL Server
  • FTPTMPNAME did not rename properly upon completion when prefix includes a subdir
  • Automatic retry on EMAIL message assembly
  • SEARCHFILE did not clear prior results
  • Framework ftpname step returned file could not be renamed without rename attempt
  • SEARCHFILE did not clear prior results
  • SEARCHFILE could return an incomplete match
  • Download links for processed files in Framework UI exclude external locations
  • Cross domain trust issues could prevent configurator from starting
  • PGPENCRYPT fails with /cipher=blowfish and signing key
  • /nostatus option resulted in file transfer log messages blowing up log files
  • The ftpname framework step could rename the wrong file
  • No download links when using a non default framework directory
  • Framework on error report false still reports the last step of a job
  • Automatic SMTP single signon authentication failure should not prevent sending emails