Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP Server v3.5.2 (Released: 2019-09-25)

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  • Updated script processor to Robo-FTP 3.11.5

Bug Fixes

  • Extra entry in clients online for SSH public key authenticated users
  • Respond with SSH_MSG_USERAUTH_FAILED when receiving unsupported key method
  • Upon changing PASV port range, next available port was not being reset if under lower bounds
  • HTTP Session cookies were not being delivered to client
  • Upload Complete event fired with incorrect %event_uploadresult from the web-based upload widget
  • TLS Certificates context menu items throw null reference exception while server is running
  • Don't refund SSH channel window for a given request until the reply is sent
  • Support SSH channel data segments larger than the remote max packet length
  • Intermittent configuration saving failure could result in lost configuration changes
  • GnuTLS error -110 when connecting over FTPES with latest FileZilla