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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.11.5 (Released: 2019-10-02)

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  • Only prune old Framework data from one instance in a cluster
  • Collect running job information from all schedulers in cluster
  • Added /clearnonmatching option to GETDIFF and FTPGETDIFF commands
  • Added /maxfiles= option to [FTP]GETFILEARRAY
  • Added /silent option to the EXEC command

Bug Fixes

  • In clustered configuration ini files and log files weren't stored in the shared filesystem
  • COPY and READFILE commands with relative path args failed on Cluster Shared Volumes
  • Incorrect permission denied error for remote paths
  • DIFF /append reports the same file not found differences every time
  • Non numeric HTTP Status Code in reply crashed Robo-FTP
  • Non responsive SFTP connections didn't timeout
  • Renaming a framework job prevented subsequent scheduled runs from occurring
  • SENDFILE /ifnotexist=false could not be used with /append option
  • ListRuns and ListJobs UI did not populate correctly with Oracle backend
  • CREATEMAIL and EMAIL commands locked attachment files until Robo-FTP exited
  • SSL Short Read on misbehaving servers caused empty directory listings to error out
  • SettingsImporter gives "The provided license key is invalid..."
  • Stand alone settings importer didn't work if SqlCe 4.0 wasn't installed
  • Scheduled Job List generated errors when deleting jobs other than the last one
  • Crash when connecting to TLS site if certificate error message was too long
  • The Configurator scheduled job list could hang up loading the list of jobs
  • Framework whitelist step not propagating files to future steps

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