Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.11.4 (Released: 2019-07-09)

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  • MONITOR and PULL steps should pick up files generated during execute phase
  • Failed MONITOR or PULL steps no longer cause files not to be consumed by future runs

Bug Fixes

  • The Scheduler Service was pruning all run's files to lowest group pruning setting
  • XML Configuration file locking errors could make the job editor show no selectables (Managed Sites, PGPkeys, ...)
  • RCVFILE /nostatus option not preventing file size checking in advance of download with SFTP
  • MONITOR and PULL step's source file timestamps in the future no longer result in file not being consumed
  • Delete job should delete job configuration ini file
  • HTML mime document compatibility problems with various email clients
  • Better handling of PROT result during FTPS connection setup
  • Long running protocol activity could erroneously trigger the hang detection in the framework
  • MOVE required different permissions when moving with and without wildcards
  • SENDFILE /mirror option could delete remote files immediately after sending if using FTPLOGON /allowerrors
  • FTPLOGON /allowerrors now permits short reads to function as data channel end of file
  • Scheduled script arguments saved incorrectly
  • Scheduled job settings not updated if saved while running
  • HTTP RCVFILE /resume broken with TMPNAME enabled when local file didn't already exist
  • CWD Errors checkbox was not checkable for FTP/FTPS managed sites