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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.11.3 (Released: 2019-05-20)

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  • Framework job editor now sorts selectable choices
  • Grant Logon As a Service privilege before installing scheduler service as a user account
  • Restore 'Completed Successfully' message in Framework UI
  • Framework web UI now supports TLS (HTTPS)
  • TLS certificate generation now includes the SubjectAltName attribute for better compatibility with modern browsers
  • Added CMSPACK step to Framework for CMS - Cryptographic Message Syntax
  • Deleting a job now stops all running instances of that job

Bug Fixes

  • RCVFILE /resume with TMPNAME results in transaction finalization failure
  • Framework per group notification setting for attach log files ignored
  • Size mismatch error when importing settings from settings export file
  • An existing local profile on the server was required in order to log in to the Framework UI
  • The Scheduler Service was pruning all runs to the lowest group pruning settings
  • The Framework web UI URL was not updated in the start menu when it was changed
  • Preexisting Framework ENCRYPT step with unused sign key would prevent saving job if there were no PGP secret keys
  • Framework ENCRYPT step with empty sign key would prevent saving job if there were no PGP secret keys
  • Framework NOTIFY step logfiles attachment could not be cleared
  • Framework step default values weren't macro expanded, NOTIFY and NAME steps broken with default settings
  • Next run time for scheduled jobs mistakenly indicated that a job would run on a holiday

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