Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.11.2 (Released: 2019-04-19)

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  • Disable Enterprise Framework archiving for sensitive files
  • Add UI controls for scheduler service clustering feature
  • Allow running on demand or stopping current run from URL
  • Framework Web UI should display error messages instead of numbers
  • Added date picker to Configurator Scheduler's Holiday Schedule tab
  • Support multiple schedules per job
  • Add %counter([#]) and %random([#]) built in variables
  • Pruning the RUN table should leave at least one row so we always know when the job ran last
  • Enterprise Framework push and deliver steps now support a temp suffix during output
  • Added /difftype= option to DIFF and FTPDIFF to filter by type of difference
  • Added search / filter feature to Framework main page and job page
  • Added job group drop down to Framework main page
  • Set username and password to use when connecting to Windows shares
  • PGP keys and Managed Sites now appear as drop downs in Framework job configuration
  • Framework job editor shows key settings on the minimized line for each step
  • SFTP ASCII upload translates EOL from CR+LF to LF

Bug Fixes

  • Non wildcard pattern matching was broken in Framework pull and monitor steps
  • Modified pull step spec is ignored in favor of previous run's pull spec
  • Can't rename jobs that haven't been run yet
  • FTPLIST returned directory parsing error with HTTP chunked encoding
  • SFTP client should try to download a path regardless of any stat results from that path
  • Application error in IsAllowed attempting to load job that doesn't exist in Framework UI
  • HASH command caused application not responding until it finishes
  • Monthly schedules UI not working correctly
  • ProgramData\FrameWork\Logs directory should be excluded from settings export
  • Settings Importer fails to import Framework jobs when 3.10 was using SQL CE
  • FTPDIFF snapshot DB from 3.10 not being properly upgraded to 3.11 version
  • Crash when Robo-FTP is run first time before Configurator on new install
  • Framework login would fail if you had not logged into the server before
  • Framework concat step inserting crlf between files