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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.11.0 (Released: 2019-01-30)

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  • Scheduler holiday calendar and checkbox on scheduling page to exclude holidays
  • Continuous scheduling option for jobs that should just restart whenever they are done
  • More granular permissions for framework job groups
  • [FTP]GETDIFF now supports the /difftype option
  • Scheduler service now defaults to local system account on install
  • View log activity and DASHBOARDMSG output from the configurator scheduled job list
  • Scheduled jobs list in configurator is live and no longer requires manual refreshing
  • Add cipher option to Framework ENCRYPT step
  • Progress bar dialog for "Test" button on Configurator's Managed Site form
  • Serial number can now be easily copied directly from the Configurator
  • Oracle backend support added to the Scheduler
  • FTPLOGON now automatically logs off current connection instead of generating an error
  • Option (-sn) added to SchedulerService.exe which makes a job run immediately
  • Settings Exporter can export 3 separate settings categories. Configuration, Scheduler Settings, and Files
  • FTPCHMOD command added to support "chmod"-like syntax for the sftp protocol
  • The EMAIL and SENDMAIL commands now support the /trust option for use with invalid SSL certificates
  • Added /raw option to CONFIGLOAD to disable parsing the results.
  • Edit PGP Key dialog now supports checking "show passphrase" to recover saved passphrases.
  • Progress bars and /nostatus option added to PGPDECRYPT, PGPENCRYPT, ZIP, and UNZIP
  • Remote commands provide more detailed errors
  • Activation error message now differentiates between wrong version and wrong product
  • Trusted SSH Sites are now recorded using SHA256 fingerprints
  • /timeout options now accept a time or datetime as well as a number of seconds
  • [FTP]GETDIFF now sets %[ftp]diffsize and %[ftp]diffdatetime
  • Improved /skip_changing performance in RCVFILE
  • [FTP]TMPNAME temp files are now deleted on failure if the transfer is not marked as resumable
  • [FTP]GETDIFF now support /tag and /replay options to allow tagging and then replaying the same set of differences
  • Added /largerthan= /smallerthan= /olderthan= /newerthan= options to [FTP]GETDIFF
  • Added ability to stop scheduled job run in the Configurator schedule section
  • Added support for password-protected PGP files by adding the /symmetricpw= option to PGPENCRYPT and PGPDECRYPT
  • Deliver step allows prevent overwrite or append just as push already did
  • Framework deliver step now supports prevent overwrite or append output options
  • Added /trust /port and /sslimp options to GETMAIL command enabling pop3 over ssl/tls
  • Improved handling of database outages by scheduler service
  • IFERROR $ERROR_* is now equivelent to IFERROR= instead of IFERROR >= which was not a meaningful check
  • (Critical Security Fix)PGPENCRYPT default cipher changed from Cast5 to AES 128
  • (Critical Security Fix)OpenSSL upgraded to 1.0.2q
  • (Critical Security Fix)Support for ECDSA nist SSH (SFTP) server keys
  • (Critical Security Fix)Support current key exchange and message authentication algorithms

Bug Fixes

  • GETSITEFILE failed for SFTP server implementations using SSH_FILEXFER_ATTR_EXTENDED attribute
  • When force-stopped, PULL step could pass along incomplete files to subsequent steps
  • RoboEndSession() was not returning ROBO_ERROR_SUCCESS upon success in Automate COM interface
  • Improved error messages when Service Installer was prevented from installing or uninstalling a service
  • Framework NOTIFY step errored out when total number of characters in recipients field exceeded 260
  • HTTP Host headers with default port number caused automatic disconnect on some servers
  • Debug log file names were generated based on UTC time instead of local time
  • Mutually exclusive BROWSE command options /folders and /nopath did not generate an error when combined
  • WRITEFILE gave misleading messages about the target path on encountering permission errors
  • FTPDIFF and DIFF did not allow passing more than 4 arguments but there were 6 possible ones
  • Very rare loss of configuration data could occur
  • CONFIGSECTIONS set the wrong variable name for sections after the 1st
  • SETLEFT and SETRIGHT ignore /split option if equal sign is missing
  • RCVFILE filename /nostatus does 2 listings when it should do none
  • FTPLIST doesn't work against http server when the OPTIONS method is disabled
  • On HTTP connections FTPCD returns 1157 when it can't login. It should be returning 1162
  • Directory listings failed against some WebDAV enabled HTTP servers
  • PULL and MONITOR step's min_age parameter was not being populated in web ui
  • EBCDIC <-> ASCII conversion was not working with SFTP protocol
  • Incorrect database configuration of the scheduler broke the configurator

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