Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.10.14 (Released: 2017-12-14)

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  • Add /nocrlf option to the WRITEFILE command
  • Added framework "MOUNT" step + documentation
  • Add advanced SSL configuration options to work with some broken servers
  • Add array variables to store filenames processed by wildcard in various commands
  • Add %lastfailedcmd variable to report the last failed command

Bug Fixes

  • COPY or MOVE would use the current directory if source or destination argument was empty
  • Intermittent crash updating configuration data
  • Network disconnect after starting Configurator prevented manual activation unless Configurator was restarted
  • Using < or > in job edit fields could cause loss of updated job data
  • Configurator allowed creation of managed sites with same name but different case
  • "Site Options" field in "POSTFILE" framework step now deprecated
  • PAUSE command spins a cpu core from one minute on