Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.10.12 (Released: 2017-09-26)

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  • RCVFILE /from option allows specifying remote source file/path information
  • CSVIMPORT command added to import a CSV file to an array and/or database table
  • Added RoboGetSessionPID method to COM IAutomate interface

Bug Fixes

  • Max jobs set to invalid value results in silently failing to start the scheduler
  • Double backslash breaks [ initdir ] optional argument for BROWSE command
  • Trace pane in FTP applet shows no output unless the trace window was enabled
  • Deleting debug logs from the configurator fails or succeeds silently
  • Debug log pruning for the scheduler.log isn't working
  • Null pointer error if SENDMAIL is called without first calling CREATEMAIL
  • Confusing error when service can't start because of license
  • The fingerprint field on the SSH Key Properties dialog is wrong
  • GETNEXTFILE with wildcards could cause incorrect FILE NOT FOUND error on absolute UNC paths
  • Directory listings not appearing with MODE Z enabled
  • ZIP command with wildcard args could include files in subdirs without /subdirs option
  • GEXTNEXTFILE did not allow combining both the /incldirs and /newest|/oldest options
  • FrameWork monitor & pull steps could loop when file order was oldest/newest and "leave on host" was false
  • RCVFILE with /nostatus now enables file retrieval without remote file size check
  • IFSIZE now working according to documentation
  • HTTP Cookies were improperly separated
  • Missing "ProgramData\PGP Keys" dir prevented Current User from managing PGP Keys
  • Unable to write to files on Samba shares
  • Configurator could not successfully import RSA SSH keys generated by Globalscape EFT Server
  • Client certs not sent during SSL negotiation for FTPS data channel
  • HTTP WWW-Authentication parsing assumed case-sensitive schema
  • RCVFILE /serverdate option caused /skip_changing to fail
  • HTTPS internal reconnect over web standard proxy would resend CONNECT to destination server
  • PAUSE /until could resume either a few seconds early or a whole day late
  • Robo-FTP now ignores whitespace in server hostname
  • Configurator automatically repositioned on program start if not visible
  • Crash with DATETIMEADD or DATETIMESUB used to try and alter time before Jan 1 1970
  • Robo-FTP Managed Site max transfer rate settings not propagating to actual SENDFILE/RCVFILE cmds
  • SENDFILE was ignoring max transfer setting for small files over SFTP
  • Improved data channel renegotiation compatibility with some servers when using a client certificate