Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.10.11 (Released: 2017-04-14)

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  • DELETE now has the /force option to delete files marked read only

Bug Fixes

  • Could not change a group's user from Scheduler page on machines with lowercase computer names
  • Service monitor no longer says service is down until the service outputs something
  • Unknown Error from FrameWork Pull step when ftplogon fails during execute stage
  • Service Monitor was showing each line twice
  • Sample script ScriptIntro.s ran in an infinite loop if it could display its PROMPTS
  • Evaluation extension could fail if user had write access to %installdir + "\ProgramData"
  • FTPLOGON /disable type no longer blocks sending and receiving files over FTP(S)
  • %lastfile and %lastpath were not being set by SENDFILE
  • Dashboard no longer starts the service when you click the Cancel button
  • Invalid Working Directory configuration falls back to %programdata + "\Work"
  • FTPDIFF no longer resets its database when FTPLOGOFF called
  • FTPLIST now returns $ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENT with a wildcard in the output file name
  • Activation stops the scheduler service so it won't run instances of Robo-FTP
  • RENAME no longer ignores target path element
  • Crash when parsing old asctime style timestamps in HTTP headers
  • Crash or permissions error starting Robo-FTP or Configurator due to innaccessable user config
  • The Install Scheduler button crashes the configurator
  • Configurator importing settings file to destination "From Settings File" results in hang/crash
  • Error in FrameWork UI web request processor could crash scheduler
  • Crash in file transfer progress dialog from FTP Applet
  • Hang disconnecting ssl data channel with some FTPS servers
  • Intermittent crash in SSL negotiation
  • Configurator Managed Sites Test button reports Class Not Registered
  • License could be lost when Robo-FTP or Configurator is run while hard drive is full
  • HTTP GET percent-encoded URL query strings