Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.10.10 (Released: 2017-03-10)

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  • Newly created or updated interval and weekly schedules will adjust correctly with daylight savings time

Bug Fixes

  • Alternate IFERROR syntax now behaving identically to IFERROR>= syntax, as in v3.9 and earlier
  • Opening Robo-FTP in middle of manual activation now informs user that they must close the program before proceeding
  • "OK" and "Cancel" buttons no longer hidden in Scheduler page's "Schedule Job" dialog at high DPI
  • Framework step macros should not include internal path information from framework run
  • Scheduler gets AM/PM mixed up when scheduling at hour 12
  • Script Editor syntax highlighting: ']' character after a number now properly matches highlighting of starting '[' character
  • COPY /copydirs now allows copy when current local dir is a prefix of destination dir argument
  • Standalone IFERROR keyword now syntax highlighted
  • Job Groups using alternate credentials failed runs with -1073741502
  • HTTP Proxy support improved. /proxytls option added to ftplogon to allow connecting to a proxy over TLS
  • RCVFILE and FTPRENAME for remote subdirectory now retrieving properly for files containing ':' character
  • Framework log pruning significantly quicker
  • HTTP Cookie values were being incorrectly url encoded/decoded breaking some base 64 encoded values
  • SENDFILE and RCVFILE /maxrate weren't working
  • Hang on exit when Robo-FTP was minimized
  • Robo-FTP Automation COM Commands could timeout if a log message was issued during them
  • RunJob step failing with Query Failed.