Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP Server v3.4.0 (Released: 2017-01-13)

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  • Improved multithreaded protocol stack for modern multicore systems
  • Full HTTP WebDAV support
  • HTTP Browser upload with advanced fault tolerant javascript based widget
  • User specific IP restrictions
  • Server automation events can now affect server behavior
  • Auto restrict IP addresses with too many consecutive failed logins
  • Set file and folder permissions for user home directory and virtual folders
  • Support Active Directory Group based authentication
  • Ability to insert intermediate SSL CA certificate into chain
  • Simplified process of importing a signed certificate that matches a CSR
  • Automation events now processed by a configurable pool of event processors
  • Disabled old export ciphers to prevent FREAK and LOGJAM attacks
  • Added crash reporting. Crash reports require user approval to upload.
  • Updated high security mode to current standards for both SSL and SSH
  • Creating an SSL CSR no longer requires stopping the FTP/HTTP listener
  • Added per-user password managment options: max pw age, min pw length, user must change pw on next logon
  • Server logs now show the SSL/SSH algorithms used for a given connection with Log Raw Client Messages enabled
  • Added ability to synchronize server settings between multiple Robo-FTP Server installations

Bug Fixes

  • Help | About now shows detailed server version information
  • Running a second instance of Console unminimizes currently running instance
  • HTTP now fires logon and logoff events
  • Upgrade fixed to upgrade servers and script settings from version being upgraded
  • Unable to import SSL certificates with asterisk wildcard
  • Console crashes after Overwrite Y/N prompt when exporting a certificate
  • CWD ../.. was treated incorrectly
  • Disabled FTP commands no longer show in FEAT response
  • Misleading messages in event log at start and stop
  • Nested virtual folders didn't work