Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.10.9 (Released: 2016-11-08)

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  • FTPLOGON /disable=expect to disable the use of the Expect: 100-Continue HTTP header
  • Added CSV output options to DBQUERY: (DBQUERY ... /csvout=FILE [ /csvdelim=DELIM /csvrecsep=SEP /csvheaders[=TRUE|FALSE] ])
  • FrameWork Validate step now supports delivering failed files to Failed File Path
  • Added support for batch queries that don't return results to DBQUERY with ODBC
  • Script Editor can now insert tab characters, via menu (Edit | Insert), or with Shift-TAB key sequence
  • Added %tab constant to allow adding tabs to string variables with the SET command
  • ODBC columns with undefined length are now truncated to 4096 bytes instead of resulting in $ERROR_DB_UNSUPPORTED_RESULT
  • DELETE command now supports the /older_than=date|datetime] and /on_filedeleted=callback_func options
  • DELETE command with wildcards now runs in linear time

Bug Fixes

  • Configurator could not schedule jobs to run weekly on specific days if more than one day was selected
  • Out of memory error with large file using PGPENCRYPT /compat
  • COM/OLE Automation RoboActivationLicense and RoboRemoveLicense functions were not working
  • Crash parsing Open VMS FTP Server's directory listing
  • We shouldn't send non RFC 959 (FTP) commands if FEAT doesn't work
  • Scheduler service restart through service manager doesn't restart jobs that were running
  • Whitelist Enterprise Framework step was erroring out when any files were excluded
  • Enterprise Framework scheduling for monthly jobs could allow job to run more than once
  • Validate step did not work with continue on error
  • Directory names containing a single quote caused push to report failure
  • HTTPS file uploads could fail against IIS 7.5 or older
  • FTPACCEPT could error out with /sshkey option if no ssh key passwords were saved
  • EBCDIC translation tables were not being used
  • Incorrect success responses to FTP CWD from buggy servers weren't recognized as success
  • Allow setting OpenSSL behavior from the Robo-FTP command line with /ssl_* options (only use under direction of support)
  • Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.0.2j
  • Hidden or system files caused other files to get missed when using DELETE, ZIP, or SENDFILE with wildcards
  • Incomplete and thus invalid conditional commands (such as IFNUM!) were improperly syntax highlighted
  • Single digit number caused trailing text to format as numbers in Robo-EDIT
  • Syntax highlighting was only partially done on options that had spaces (e.g. /pw="this password has spaces")
  • Settings Importer now assigns the proper SSH key to each managed SFTP site
  • Unlicensed and Selecting yes to exit Robo-FTP and open the configurator to activate, Configurator never pops up
  • Framework ListSteps page downloaded wrong file when downloading files from steps that processed multiple files
  • SYNC recursively deleted the remote parent directory when deleting remote orphan directories
  • During license activation, Configurator failed to detect pre-existing license from version 3.7