Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.10.8 (Released: 2016-08-04)

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  • Improved unzip logging where no files in zip match requested file mask
  • FTP Client Applet now uses modern folder browser if available
  • FTPGETFILEARRAY command added to script processor

Bug Fixes

  • Debug log size column was empty in the configurator
  • Blocking timeout on IAutomate::RoboSendCommand could hang Robo-FTP
  • Service installer crashes when creating a first job after install from dashboard
  • Timeout during FTPLOGOFF from broken SFTP servers
  • Unhelpful error message for SFTP connection failure due to changed client key
  • Settings Importer could fail to show older version as available for import
  • Invalid command line usage when script file is located in a folder named with an apostrophe
  • Script Wizard page 3 remove history button could crash the Script Wizard
  • Some older SSL Implicit servers require an SSL version 2 handshake
  • LOG/TRACELOG /maxsize option could result in no log file being generated
  • Crash in FTPDIFF on servers without timestamps in listing
  • Very long command line results in database error during Framework execute step
  • %sitefiledate = 00-00-00 when file has no date (server directory format has no date)
  • File not found on RCVFILE without wild cards would delete the local file
  • SettingsImporter.exe stand alone failed with resource not found error
  • SFTP file transfer slow for many small files
  • From: header broken on non HTML emails