Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.10.7 (Released: 2016-07-05)

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Bug Fixes

  • Workaround for SENDFILE /localdate with servers that reply with 550 to unrecognized SITE commands (Robo-FTP Server 3.3 and older)
  • Enterprise FrameWork Pull step fails with $ERROR_FILE_NOT_DELETED when remote server automatically deletes downloaded file
  • PGPDECRYPT with deprecated keyring param crashes Robo-FTP
  • Single quote character in directory name causes DIFF/FTPDIFF to fail
  • Service Monitor causes Robo-FTP to lose access to its configuration (Can't login to existing sites)
  • Reactivation fails when license hardware identifiers change
  • $ERROR_FTP_BAD_LOGON not given when connecting to IIS HTTP with bad username/password -- timeout occurs instead
  • Connecting to SSL servers with weak DH params now generates a warning instead of just failing (LOGJAM)
  • Buggy HTTP(S) servers that don't send 100 Continue response no longer result in timeout uploading large files
  • Robo-FTP would crash if it couldn't write to the config.xml file unexpectedly