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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.10.4 (Released: 2016-05-26)

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  • LOG /append now works with /maxsize option
  • FrameWork Web UI now allows directly editing the job configuration with Advanced: Edit INI button

Bug Fixes

  • CONFIGLOAD incorrectly creating nested arrays when loading array ini fields
  • Unable to activate license in configurator even though it says Administrator: in the title bar
  • Temprorary file leak on FTPLOGON FTPLOGOFF cycle resulted in various connection errors
  • FTPLOGON could fail to find a site definition (This could make the test button fail)
  • Script engine returns meaningful errors when it can't open a file
  • WebStandard proxy wasn't working
  • FrameWork Web UI could display multiple lines for each job
  • When at maximum allowed jobs for your license you couldn't alter the schedule of an existing job
  • Excessive logging from SFTP client connections
  • Failure part way through a file transfer could result in corrupted destination file after successful retry

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