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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.10.1 (Released: 2016-02-25)

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  • New protocol library for better compatibility with servers
  • Amazon Web Services S3 Client support
  • Robo-FTP Scheduler UI added to the configurator
  • New improved license wizard in the configurator
  • GETNEXTFILE will now return information for hidden or system files if they are requested without a wildcard
  • Improved PGP manage keys dialog. Now shows expiration data and other details about keys
  • Clicking the run script editor button in Robo-FTP when no script is selected now just starts the script editor
  • Improved handling of directory verification on FTPCD
  • Improved WebDAV compatibility
  • FTPS data channels now use the SSL session from the control channel for improved security and performance
  • DBGETRESULTS using ODBC now supports compound queries or stored procedures that return more than one result set
  • FTPLOGON reports when you connect to a server of the wrong type
  • Configurator UI now supports high DPI displays.
  • Added SEARCHFILE command to bulk extract matching records from a file
  • Configurator now supports showing passwords you have write permission to
  • New improved settings import and export in the Configurator
  • Added regular expression support via IF[N]REGEX[I] commands
  • WORKINGDIR /verify=[read|write] options to verify permissions to a directory
  • License data no longer stored in %SystemRoot%, removes possible source of activation loss
  • PGPIMPORT now supports wildcards and the /delete option to remove the imported key files
  • DBQUERY /result=varname executes a query to return a single value without modifying an existing result set
  • New improved installer package for better dependency management
  • Shared store for user configuration data allows administrators to import and export user settings
  • User password data can be stored using administrator decryptable encryption
  • CREATEMAIL and EMAIL commands have new /htmlbody and /embed options that allow creating html emails
  • READFILE command record size length option now only limited by available memory
  • Added new HASH command which can compute MD5, SHA1, and several other hashes of either a file or a string
  • Added automatic retry to all remote commands in the form of a retry count of 0 or more with a retry delay in seconds
  • Added GETFILEARRAY “pattern” arrayvariable [/subdirs] to populate an array with all matching files
  • Added crash reporting. Crashes require user approval to upload
  • Non interactive session is now detected automatically making the -v flag for running in the service session optional
  • SNAPSHOT and DIFF now update only the subset of the snapshot they could have created
  • DISPLAY array[*] now displays each array key and value as well as the array value count
  • SNAPSHOT and DIFF commands now support the /isitem option to allow specifying a single item to check
  • GETDIFF and FTPGETDIFF now support /incldirs to report $DIFF_DIR_IS_NEW or $DIFF_DIR_NOT_FOUND differences
  • COPY, MOVE, and APPEND now support wildcards in source
  • COPY, MOVE, and APPEND now support the /subdirs and /flat options
  • GETSITEFILE now supports relative paths
  • SETREPLACE now supports /startswith to only replace beginning of string if it matches
  • RCVFILE now supports /copydirs to allow copying subdirectory elements from %currentsitedir to %currentlocaldir
  • Enterprise WorkFlow job management web UI
  • Configurator administrator mode improved to prevent hidden settings in the current user account
  • /allowerrors FTPLOGON option now reflected in managed site Allow CWD Errors setting
  • CMSENCRYPT and CMSDECRYPT commands added to provide CMS/PKCS7 certificate based signing and encryption
  • When WORKINGDIR fails, the console output shows which folder it failed to access

Bug Fixes

  • Improved messaging when opening log files for append. No longer says “Opened new log file…”
  • Configurator test button could say configuration was not good when it was
  • LISTDIR command now returns $ERROR_FILE_WRITE_ERROR when it can't write output file instead of Unknown Error. [1]
  • Creation of first PGP key was not set as default key
  • EXEC doesn't use the PATH environment variable
  • SFTP RCVFILE failed intermittently with some servers
  • RCVFILE with wildcards returns "*No file(s) transferred. [1053]" even if some files were downloaded
  • Incorrect message sent to log when file transfer is canceled.
  • FTP Client Applet gives "get text extent failed" message
  • Norton Internet Security determines the Robo-FTP installer is malware
  • VMS directory listing format was broken
  • %sitefilesize on GETSITEFILE "*" does not match GETSITEFILE "filename" for same file on apache http servers
  • WORKINGDIR /create could create directories with trailing or leading spaces on bad input
  • Uninstall did not remove the sample scripts
  • FTPLOGON timeout did not report error when called through COM/OLE interface
  • FTPLOGON /httpauth=digest when used against server that didn't support it hangs for a while trying to authenticate
  • FTPDELDIR could change the remote working folder when it encountered an error
  • Once you have an ssh key or ssl client cert selected you can't not have one
  • LOG /append and /all options cause an Invalid argument(s) error if used without the optional [filename] argument
  • sendfile [filename] /copydirs /subdirs /archive fails archiving files from sub directories
  • ZIP command reports 0 files processed when more than 0 files were added to the zip file
  • Missing backslash in default Robo-EDIT path in the Configurator Settings Tab (Formerly Files Tab)
  • Script selection drop down can crash Robo-FTP when the currently executing or last exucted script are selected

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