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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.9.11 (Released: 2014-09-05)

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  • Improved exported public key compatibility with some buggy PGP implementations.

Bug Fixes

  • HTTP(S) protocol not honoring Allow CWD Errors (/allowerrors) option to FTPLOGON.
  • UNZIP could mistakenly return failure code $ERROR_ZIP_FILE_EXTRACT on recoverable errors.
  • UNZIP created garbled filenames when utf-8 characters encountered.
  • GETSITEFILE could return $ERROR_NO_FILE_FOUND when the /timeout option was specified.
  • Robo-FTP may report license removed when too many instances started at the same time.
  • /PW= resulted in invalid argument from PGPENCRYPT because it was case sensitive.

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