Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP v3.9.8 (Released: 2013-12-24)

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  • Display signing key size limitation warning when user selects PGP DSA key and 4096 bits.
  • Print warning if DOSCMD is executed when current local working folder is UNC path.
  • FTPLOGON will now attempt to connect with a warning even if it is given an invalid /clientcert option.
  • DSA + Elgamal PGP keys created by configurator now use Elgamal Encrypt algorithm.
  • DSA + Elgamal PGP keys created by configurator now use same size signing key for key bits <= 2048

Bug Fixes

  • Unhelpful error message when attempted to export a Debug Log with no log selected in list.
  • Listing lines could lose required leading characters.
  • SSL Certificates control shows two rows for one self-signed certificate.
  • Export button for Debug Log is enabled with no logs are selected in Configurator.
  • Find In Files search option does not work in RoboEDIT.
  • FTP Applet, host not found connecting to typed in hostname.
  • PGP key creation works even though progress bar appears stuck.
  • Proxy form on Managed Sites doesn't display previously saved proxy details.
  • PGPDECRYPT shows unhelpful error message when processing a malformed file.